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Said data comes from analytical cookies that record the behavior of users on a website. In this way, it is possible to know if they scrolled , if they abandoned or even through which keywords they are finding you. What we want with this content is that you don’t have to read several posts to understand web analytics . That’s why we made this complete guide on the subject. What is web analytics? Although it is a fairly widespread concept, we want to start by defining what it is.

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Basically, it is a digital marketing discipline that analyzes user behavior data on a website. For example, you will be able to know: Through which of your pages users enter your website Denmark Phone Number List and which ones they leave. If they click or leave without interacting. The average residence time. Where they entered your page: Google search, social networks, etc. If they are new or recurring users. And much, much more information. Hence, to do a good web analysis you must first determine what you want to know and why.

Analysis of both your site

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To do this, we recommend that you master concepts such as what Google Tag Manager is , which is a tracking code system to better track audience behavior. And here we want to stop B2C Mailing because it is necessary to emphasize something: to do good web analytics , you need digital tools that give you information. Digital web analytics tools The only way to carry out a web analytics study is through digital tools, since they are the ones that will give you the data to be able to make decisions.

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