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Since the client Here are some free and paid options: 1.Google Analytics The basis of a web analytics study is Google Analytics, Google’s native tool that provides data. However, you should note that from July 2023 it will be called Google Analytics 4 . The data it returns to this tool allows you to better understand a user’s journey on your website. It gives you data like: I want to receive free resources, invitations to events and key information on the latest trends in the digital world.

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Enter your email and click send Email Send! should_not_change web traffic. Number of new and recurring users. Dwell time. Country of origin of the users, among others. 2. Google Search Console It is another of Google ‘s free services to perform audits based on web analytics . With the Since the client information Greece Phone Number List obtained, you can generate reports. These are some data that you can obtain: It tells you which keywords your audience finds you with on Google. It also determines how many clicks each URL gets and the position of your site in the Google search engine.

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It gives you alerts when it detects problems with your website. Report if your website works well on mobile devices. Analyze the backlinks of your website. 3. Semrush, another web B2C Mailing analytics tool country lead is a widely used paid tool for web analytics. Its usefulness lies in the fact Since the client that it allows you to do SEO audits of both your website and that of your competitors, but it is a paid tool. Among the information you can obtain is: Know the best keywords to position your website or blog.


In addition, you will be able to check, in real time, a set of metrics Greece Phone Number List that help you take actions to improve the SEO of your page (Herrera, 2019). Thanks to it, you can (Chrome Web Store, 2022): Review the main metrics quickly. Keys to carry out a web migration As we have mentioned, migrating a website can be a complicated task. To avoid them, a 301 redirect is often used . This resource allows users to be redirected –permanently– to the new location of the page. It is important to take this action, otherwise it might affect the SEO of the website. Step 3: Protection of indexed content It is critical to protect content that has already been indexed by search engines.

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